NGD Project - The Journey EP [REACHING ALTITUDE]

NGD Project - The Journey EP [REACHING ALTITUDE]

Strap yourselves in and get ready to take a journey through this hard as nails EP courtesy of Italian wizards NGD Project! In need of a slap in the face to wake you from the Covid induced slump? Look no further than NGD Project's Journey EP! This three tracker punches above it's weight stitching folky, tribal, and psytrance infused madness together in a deliriously delectable hard.

“The Journey” is our first ever three tracks EP
We started working on it during our last China Tour, in our hotel rooms and mostly in the various Starbucks of the cities where we stayed in for our shows (hence the name "The Journey"), and once back home we finalized it in the studio. 
We’re really happy to have inside this EP also a collaboration with the rising Trance talent and our producer friend from 🇺🇸 @Tenstepsofficial !

We called it "The Journey" not only for our last China Tour but also because this EP is an abstract musical journey into places inspired by antiquity and science fiction. The 1st track "Etruria" is inspired by the historical-geographical region of central Italy where the Etruscan civilization lived and prospered in the 9th century BC, located in an aerial that covered also a part of what are now our hometown in Tuscany; The 2nd track "Aegyptia", made it with Tensteps, is inspired by ancient Egypt coalesced around 3100 BC; the 3rd track "Agartha" is inspired by the fantasy place within the planet earth linked to the "hollow earth theory" and popular subject of esotericism, which was first described in 1800.

This EP means a lot to us, as it represents our style, a fusion of Big Room, Psy Trance, Hardstyle and Trance. These three tracks are the result of our continuous work on the search for something new and different, a style we are working on and which we are trying to perfect and improve day after day in the studio.

Strap yourselves in and get ready to take a journ…