February 13, 2018 - KMCS Media (Slovenjia)

Can you tell something about you?

We are Michael and Alberto, two young international DJs and producers from Tuscany in Italy… Together we are NGD Project, which stands for “New Generations Deejays”… According to we are classified at position #162 in World’s Top Big Room Artists of 2017 and DJ MAG defines us “The new generation that grows”… We have played in some of the best clubs, events, festival and places around Europe and Italy, from Florence and Rimini to the Gallipoli beach and Venice etc. We have ranked up 7 Beatport Top 100, remaining in the beatport charts for more than 100 days and reaching a No.1 position between Melbourne Bounce tracks on Big Room Top 100 in 2017. One of our tracks was played in 2015 in the mainstage of Tomorrowland Belgium and we are supported by some of the biggest DJs in the world such as R3hab, Blasterjaxx, Laidback Luke, Timmy Trumpet and Sophie Francis just to name a few. Our live shows are like a long and complex record production, always organized in the studio with only personalized edits, mash ups and bootlegs, a musical journey and a fusion of styles that includes not only Big Room, Trap and Psy, but also milestones of Rock and Indie music.

Which DJs influent in your work?

Sincerely we can say that there is not a DJ in particular that has influenced our previous productions or influences our current productions on which we are working… Perhaps because we listen to many “genres” that are part of the EDM musical sphere, from the future bass to deep house or big room and we feel influenced by any track of any artist of any genres that can really excite us when we listen to it. The result of this is that we have produced and we are producing many tracks of different genres, this just because our aim is not to be identified with a single genre, but to be able to bring out different tracks of more genres to make sure that our name grows at 360 degrees… We started with our first productions, electro house and big room, then we moved to melbourne bounce with “Odyssey” and in the same period we produced the remix of “Break Down The House” for Laidback Luke remix contest on Mixmash in deep house style… Then we moved again to melbourne bounce with “Bountrump” and “Carousel” and the remix of “Bounce That Ass” for Reece Low, we move to minimal with “Camelot” together with YROR? until we win the Bourne Recordings remix contest for Kastra & Buzzmeisters with an hybrid trap remix… and our next track coming out with Spyder is Jungle Terror…

Michael Gadani, Alberto Tavanti, Photo: NGD Project

Can you describe more your music?

Our music reflects our feelings of the moment, we produce what we want to produce at that time regardless of what is fashionable or more listened in that moment… This is why we can make more genres and we are really proud of this, the music that an artist produces must represent the maximum extension of his person and must tell who is in that moment or who was or will be… One thing that we can surely say is that we always try to make tracks that don’t “ever die”, that is that can be played at festivals or clubs even years after they’ve been released… Considering how the world of EDM is saturated at the moment, if an artist succeeds in making tracks that are played by other artists after years, then he has succeeded in his intent, and this is the biggest goals to achieve for NGD Project. We believe that classifying music with genres is just the final step for sale; we are Artists and our “genre”, if we want to call it, is identified with our name NGD Project.

Michael Gadani, Alberto Tavanti, Photo: NGD Project

Through these years you have gained a lot of success in Italy and worldwide. How do you feel about that?

We are very happy with what we have been able to achieve in Italy and worldwide, because we have done everything by ourselves since day one… Even though we have succeeded in obtaining success in Italy, we are much happier with what we have managed to achieve outside Italy, because the biggest satisfaction for us is being able to work and achieve really important results with people living thousands and thousands of miles away, regardless of where we come from or where we were born… The fact that we are “Australian” on 1001tracklists means that we have launched the right message in these years… Contrary to what you might think, it is precisely what we are most proud of in our work… We don’t know if we can explain… From an artistic point of view we feel and we want to be considered “children of the world”. Our biggest goal and dream is to play in as many parts of the world as possible one day and visit as many places as possible thanks to our music and what we have done only by ourselves… With this we would like take the opportunity to say that we have just signing with our first international booking agency and we are very excited about that… At the moment we cannot say anything, only that it’s one of the biggest international artists booking agency based in Asia, and there is not a nicer place where we would want to play at the moment…

Michael Gadani, Alberto Tavanti, Photo: NGD Project

With which famous DJ would you like to collaborate?

There is not a famous artist in particular with whom we would like to collaborate… We would like to collaborate with as many artists as possible, regardless of the “size” of their name… We have already joined our name to international artists who are legends for us, both in collaborations, both because we have made official remixes for some of them, such as Bombs Away, Reece Low, Kastra, Laidback Luke of course, and at the moment we have a collaboration with another big international artist, Spyder, coming out in the coming days… Also in the coming months we have to release an official remix for another great artist that we have always admired a lot, Matt Watkins… So we are really happy at the moment of all the collaborations that we made with international artists and we are very happy that our tracks have been supported by some of the greatest DJs in the world such as R3hab, Blasterjaxx at Tomorrowland MainStage 2015, Timmy Trumpet, Sophie Francis, Uberjakd and many more… We hope to do more and more collaborations, tracks after tracks, genres after genres and if we really have to make two names talking about dreams, R3hab and Will Sparks are probably the dream artists we would like to collaborate with one day.

When you will come to play shows in our country Slovenia?

Wow… This is a nice question… We hope to come in Slovenia to play shows as soon as possible!!! There are many clubs and events especially in Ljubljana that reflect our style and our energy… It would be a dream for us to be able to visit Slovenia and it would be a big honor to play shows in your country…

Michael Gadani, Alberto Tavanti, Photo: NGD Project

With which record companies have you been collaborating?

We have collaborated and we have released our tracks on some of the biggest and most important EDM records labels in the world… We have releases on Ministry Of Sound Australia / Hussle Recordings, Will Sparks’ Bourne Recordings, Laidback Luke’s Mixmash Records, Kontor Records, Central Station Records and Bombs Away’s Bomb Squad under Universal Music Australia, George Acosta’s So Good under Black Hole Recordings, Tiger Records and the italian major dance label EGO… At the moment we have a brand new original together with Spyder coming up on Tommie Sunshine’s Brooklyn Fire Records, and an official remix for Matt Watkins on Luck Ent brand new label Teamwrk Records.

Michael Gadani, Alberto Tavanti, Photo: NGD Project

Can you remember your first start as an electronic musician?

Our first start as electronic musicians was dj set at private parties, graduation parties, birthdays, small clubs in our little provinces… The classic beginning of every dj… We are both DJs since 2004 but in 2011 we started “NGD Project”… The desire to overcome ourselves every day more has led us to reach all these big results but we are never satisfied. We think that our artistic journey is an endless journey with checkpoints. If someone asks us “where do you want to arrive?” the answer will always be “nowhere”. The future should only be discovered… Let’s live today and plan tomorrow as a chess game… We always try to better plan our next moves.

Michael Gadani, Alberto Tavanti, Photo: NGD Project

From where do you search inspiration for your music?

As already said, we listen to any kind of electronic music and so many artists to find inspiration for our music, and we really listen to it several hours a day… But the thing that helps us the most is the combination of watching the reactions of people who listen to a certain artist at a festival and the ideas that come to “find our heads” in the most unexpected moments… As perhaps happens to 99% of world producers…

Sasha Raven - Journalist. Music Lover and enthusiast